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Two Wheels Good Workshop

Cycling is a very effective and cheap way to get around town but it's not entirely free. Any bike which is used regularly will need a bit of TLC from time to time. A boring fact of life. Not exciting just necessary. A bit like going to the dentist every year, it has to be done. To keep things simple, and in a startling show of originality, we call our three main service levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Service

Our basic service is most effective on bikes which are less than 12 months old or have had a more thorough service in the past 6 months. In this service, we clean the drive-train and cables in situ, re-true both wheels and set the bike up for optimum performance, without replacing components. Typically, if they time it right, our hardcore commuting citizen cyclists (and that's most of you) can alternate between Bronze and Silver Services.

The base cost of this service is £60.

We do sometimes recommend replacing some small parts, brake pads for instance, and we would charge you for the cost of these.

Silver Service

No prizes for guessing that the Silver Service is rather more in-depth than the Bronze. Here, we strip all the drive-train components from the bike and, while they marinade in our parts washer, we thoroughly clean the frame and wheels. Not only because a clean machine is a happy machine but also it gives us the opportunity to check for cracks, corrosion or other deficiencies, which may cause problems. We re-true both wheels and check and adjust hub bearings. Then we rebuild the bike using new cables. Almost invariably, we will also be replacing 'consumable' parts such as brake pads, chain and rear drive sprockets. Before we hand your bike back to you, we take it for a ride to make sure that all is as it should be.

The base cost of this service is £95.

In addition you will be charged for the cost of any parts we fit. If your bike has internal cable routing, there is an additional charge of £20

Gold Service

In the Gold Service, we go further still. Everything that is done in the Silver Service is done here but, in addition, we remove and service the bottom bracket (Victorian terminology for the axle in the centre of the bike which connects your pedal cranks). We also strip out and service the wheel bearings and headset. This service is appropriate for regular off-road riders or if you've maybe been a bit naughty and not had any servicing done for quite a while. Anyone who really cares about their bike will go for this level of service, every few years.

The base cost of this service is £140.

Again, we will charge you for any parts we fit and there is a £20 surcharge for internally routed bikes.

Brompton Servicing

We are very familiar with these clever and useful little bikes. We have a lot of Brompton riding customers, many of whom do not work for the BBC. The picture shown here is our storage yard on a not untypical day.
We do find that they require a little more care, than conventional bikes, purely because a lot of the really important bits are much closer to the ground and all the nastiness that comes off the road. A few of us here ride them ourselves, so we really do understand them. We buy all the proprietary parts direct from Brompton and you can trust us to keep your foldable friend fully functional.

The cost of a full Brompton Service is £120.

In addition we charge you for the cost of any parts we fit.

eBike Servicing

Finally, eBikes are a 'thing' and a lot of them have been around long enough to need a bit of care in the workshop.
At the outset we should say we are little fussy about the kind of eBikes we able to work on. So far as electric assistance systems are concerned, at the time of writing, we only have the ability to service on Bosch or Shimano powered eBikes - our mechanics are trained and have a great deal of experience working with these bikes.
In mechanical terms, a full eBike service equates to our Silver Service and all the processes detailed above are carried out. In addition, test and check the integrity of the battery, electric motor and the associated wiring, replacing any worn or defective parts as necessary. We also run a full software check, updating the firmware as necessary.

The base cost of this service is £200.

In addition we charge you for the cost of any parts we fit.

Of course we do lots of other things too. Here's a few of the more common quick fixes:

Replace brake pads - from £16
Replace a brake cable - from £15
Replace a gear cable - from £15
Replace punctured inner tube - from £17
Re-true a buckled wheel - from £15

There's no need to book weeks in advance for these kind of small running repairs. Our aim is to get you back on your bike as quickly as possible. Sometimes, we can do this kind of thing while you wait. Just call us and we will do our best to help.

Here are some answers for frequently asked questions which may be helpful to you.

How do I make a booking?
You can phone us, or use the Book My Bike In function on this website.
How do I know which level of service is right for my bike?
Again, you call us, tell us a bit about your bike and we will advise you. Alternatively, you can bring your bike into the shop anytime and we'll check it over and agree what's right for you and your bike.
How long will the service take?
We always try to turn your bike around on the day it's booked in.
What is your lead time?
We are pretty busy most of the time and we are usually booking about a week to ten days ahead.
Can I drop my bike off early ?
Almost always.
How will I know my bike is ready?
We will text you.
How soon must I collect my bike?
We expect you to collect your bike within 7 days of completion. After that there is a storage charge of £5 per day.
Do you service Cargo Bikes?
Yes, if we can get it into the shop (!). Just call us and we'll talk about it.
Do you service eScooters?
No, sorry we don't.
Do you mend punctures?
Yes, of course. While you wait whenever we can.
Can I borrow your pump?
Certainly, we'll even show you how to use it properly, if you're unsure.