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    Surly Bikes Stoke Newington North London
    Surly Bikes
    Surly produce a fantastic range of steel-framed bikes which manage to be both sensible and practical but also weird and left-field all at the same time.

    They have traditional touring bikes,
    load carriers and trailers, as well as some frankly mad "fat bikes".

    Most models are available as complete bikes or as frame only, enabling us to build a custom bike just for you.
    Their bikes also have some of the best names around; how about a Karate Monkey or a Big Fat Dummy?

    At Two Wheels Good, we firmly believe that any independent bike shop, worthy of
    the name, should be offering a credible range of steel framed bikes; in fact there probably ought to be a law.

    We are very proud that Surly fulfils this function for us.

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    Two Wheels Good

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