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    Electra Bikes
    Electra are, in many ways, an American answer to the Pashley cycling experience. The US has its own tradition of leisure cycling and guess what? It's just like ours, only completely different. Bold, brash and as sassy as a GI bride.

    These bikes just make you smile, whether
    you're riding them or just looking at them. But because they are made by Trek, these days, they are extremely well built and reliable.
    One word sums up the Electra cycling experience and that is comfort. We have found these bikes to be particularly suitable for new London cyclists or returnees.

    Whilst you’re unlikely to win many races or climb many mountains, most of their bikes are ideal for short hops around the city and you will arrive happy and safe.

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    Two Wheels Good

    165 Stoke Newington Church St
    Stoke Newington London
    N16 0UL

    020 7249 2200

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