We are open for business but we are able to offer only a limited service. Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Our door will remain locked and we will give access to only one customer at a time. Just knock to gain our attention. Sadly, we are not able to entertain casual browsers.

  • If you are an NHS worker let us know; you will be given priority and a special discount
  • If you have a bike in our workshop and require a status update or wish to discuss anything else, email is best: ourshop@twowheelsgood.co.uk

So, please bear with us and be assured we will do everything we can to keep you on the road. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Meanwhile, stay safe.

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    Two Wheels Good began life way back in the last century in March 1998 born mainly out of Jonathan’s frustration at being unable to make himself understood in other people’s bike shops.

    We've been putting people on bicycles and sending them away happy for quite a while now and whilst it wasn't quite 'all fields round here' back then, cycling in London was a very different thing when we started. We've been a big part of the 'Cycling Boom' in our part of town and we've seen a few trends, fads and fancies come and go. Basically we know what we're on about.

    Our mission statement, insofar as we believe in such bollocks, is to provide our customers with the best quality and value for money products available, combined with the kind of friendly and non-patronising service they almost always deserve.

    We care about our customers and we like our customers to care about their bikes. Buying a bike, particularly for the first time, can be a very confusing business. We have already done a lot of the hard work for you. We seek out the best products and willingly give unbiased (yes really) and informed advice.

    Whether you are buying a puncture repair outfit for £3.50 or a custom built dream machine for £5000, we will give you the same attention and all the time you need to reach the right
    decision and buy the most appropriate product.

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    Two Wheels Good

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    Stoke Newington London
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