Bikes from Trek, Pashley, Look and Brompton

We're as choosy about the stuff we sell as you are about what you buy. Two Wheels Good currently stocks bikes from four manufacturers which from our point of view cover all bases.

Trek are an American company, started by a couple of guys in a Wisconsin barn in 1976. They are one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world and still family owned. Trek’s reputation as manufacturers of high-end road racing bikes is second to none. Their vast range also includes some of the best hybrid / commuter bikes around and we just love them.

Frog Bike these kid's bikes are truly excellent. Lightweight aluminium frames, combined with high quality branded components and frames designed to fit. A full range is available; from tiny balance bikes (absolutely the best way to learn) to 26" wheeler for teenagers or even small adults.Teaching your child to ride a bike is a wonderful rite of passage for both of you, don't miss out on it.

Pashley are the other British marque which we offer. Remarkable value for money, when you tot up the cost of componentry and the accessories that come as standard.Very traditional, very very stylish and hand-built in Stratford Upon Avon; you can almost taste the warm beer and hear the thwak of willow on leather.

Electra are, in many ways, an American answer to the Pashley cycling experience. The US has its own tradition of leisure cycling and guess what? It's just like ours, only completely different. Bold, brash and as sassy as a GI bride. These bikes just make you smile, whether you're riding them or just looking at them. But because they are made by Trek, these days, they are extremely well built and reliable.