Electric Bikes

We have been watching the electric bike scene for a while now and even dipped our toe in the murky pond a few years ago. In the end, our take was that it was a bit like the early days of personal computing - two big floppy disc drives, no hard drive, and certainly no internet! Most importantly, the bikes were inherently unreliable and there was a worrying lack of standards in terms of componentry.

However, now things have moved on somewhat and the grownups have got involved, with both Shimano and Bosch providing their own power units. We now have highly credible offerings from both Trek and Gazelle, which actually work properly. We can't pretend that they're the cheapest bikes around, but in our experience real quality is never cheap - it just isn't. Come and talk to us about them and have a test ride, we defy you not to come back without a big grin!